Hisense 413 Litres Top Mount Double Door Refrigerator | REF 420 DR

163,000.00 185,000.00

Capacity: 413L

Frost-Free: Yes

Environment-Friendly Tech: Yes

Colour: Silver

Gas Type: R600

Low Noise: Yes

Super Freeze / Cool Function: Yes

With  life has never been better. Food preservation and storage has become so easy. Wow! The ideal refrigerator for every home. When it comes to preserving your meat, meal, vegetable and cooling your drinks Hisense 413 litres double mouth is definitely your choice. Buy Hisense fridge @ www.vsonicdistributions.com

Fast Cooling System

When it comes to quick cooling, Hisense Top Mount Defrost DR 420 has got you covered. Like a speed of light, it starts cooling as soon as you turn it on. Your Fish meat, Meals, Vegetables and Fruits are immediately stored and preserved. And your drinks such as beverages, soft drinks and beers can be served chilled. So, don’t just search for Fridges and prices. Visit us to buy Hisense Refrigerator RD-60WR Top Mount Defrost 466L today. Buy  Hisense fridge @ www.vsonicdistributions.com

More Coolness Retention

Aside of the quick cooling functionality of Hisense Top Mount Defrost DR 420. This product has the capacity to retain coldness for a longer time when compared to other conventional brand of Fridges. In cases of power outbreak, you need not to worry, because Hisense has got everything under control. With this product your preserved food does not stand a chance of going bad.

Low Light Functionality

The beauty of Hisense 413 litres top mouth double door refrigerator is that; it is less energy consuming. A fridge that can be used in places where there is low or unstable power supply. Hisense steps in when other fail. Every product is built with customers in mind. So searching for Fridges and prices have Hisense in mind.

Low Noise

Hisense 413 litres top mouth double door is a low noise environment friendly Technology. If you are the type that loves serenity and style, then this product is for you. Are you tired of the peculiar humming sound of regular refrigerators? Then upgrade now to 413L today and enjoy the luxury that comes with style. Hisense. Buy Hisense fridge @ www.vsonicdistributions.com.

Quite Affordable

In conclusion, Hisense has presented you luxury for a peanut. Check out our Hisense fridge price list today Comparing fridges and prices today Hisense Mount Defrost DR- 420 is affordable. Visit Vsonic Distributions to shop. Also see.



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