Hisense 5HP Floor Standing Air Conditioner 5 Tons | FS 5HP

466,000.00 530,200.00

  • For an African or anybody living in the tropics to own an air conditioner is not a luxury or show of affluence. For instance, in Nigeria due to the crutching heat of the sun owning an ac cannot be overlooked. There is almost no time of the year that the average Nigerian does not need it. Come to think of it, we all need cool fresh and well ventilated atmosphere to think straight.This is where Hisense comes in, this brand has taken the comfort of everyone as a top priority, and will not stop till every home is conducive for every home especially Nigerian. In time past air conditioners used to be a thing of the rich. Producers of air conditioners had only the rich in mind as their prices were really high. Only a few homes had air conditioners in cities like Lagos, Ibadan Benin city etc.

    5 Horse Power (HP)

  • 10 Meters Air Flow
  • Super Cooling
  • Gold Fin
  • Can Be Used Only With Split 1.5/2HP Kit
  • Long Distance Air supply
  • Easy clean design
  • Unique design blends in with any decor

Hisense 5HP Floor Standing Air Conditioner | FS 5 HP

This Hisense 5HP Floor Standing Air Conditioner FS 5 HP was built to take humidity away from an environment. Hisense products are known to be tested and trusted. Hisense’s low voltage operation design is specifically designed for the Nigerian power situation. This Air conditioner has a 10 meters airflow with supercooling feature and Gold fin.

With the new and highly improved edge cutting technology, the air flow can be easily adjusted not to blow directly to the human body, which in turn provides healthier airflow and uniform cooling for your space.  This Hisense appliance makes no noise at all that will cause any inconvenience to its user. The panels installed are easy to remove therefore making it easy to clean.


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